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ah wow what a fail title but yay it’s finally done! I can’t believe it took me a while to finish it - goodness gracious Michelle the hair is so complex I could copy it a little bit but I DON’T UNDERSTAND??/?//? but wow this is a lot of fun! and basically this is in honour of the cutie patoot Nevy Nervine who may or may not helped Gil cheat which she totally did 

and what if before she died she was also some kind of you know lady or queen or of a higher importance??? or even a mermaid or something??? nope i won’t say fish i won’t say fish

also heads up to those who’s interested for commissions - I’ll be re-opening commission slots on 15th of May and possibly consider selling limited prints! :D and thanks to those who attended the ridiculously and sporadically short livestreams of this one!!!