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Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

it’s that time of the month again! Society6 is offering free worldwide shipping, so if you have a print you’d like in mind, grab your chance while you can!!!!!

Also really pleased that Society6 has included my art print Hijabi Babe in their shop, woah! /)(>w<)(\ !! Also please let me know if there’s an artwork you have in mind but isn’t available!!

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i read the tags on my body positive post and i’m so happy aaah thank u so much you guys /)////(\ <3

#NoEraser challenge that I ended up abusing rough pencil and air brush with :3c featuring my other precious bara bae Sousuke-kun (Makoto still wins my shota heart tho)

Growing up wasn’t easy for me. It was pretty clear that one of the main reasons why I got anxiety and depression issues was because of my body figure; I was born with a somehow ‘manly’ built according to my family members, aka tasteless, strangely shaped and excessively sweats, and according to my mother, I inherited this ugly body figure from my ancestors.

I used to curse myself every time I see myself in the mirror, asking why God decided to give me terribly large jiggly thighs, a flat nose, and flabby arms. I used to look at all my dolls and watch anime and get really jealous of how slim, pretty and fair the girls were and how the thigh gap and small waist was so appealing. My own family teases on how I have a pig-like nose and an unfit body figure. I thought to myself, ‘wow maybe it’s because i don’t work out and I’m so lazy’ while being constantly teased by close peers, even when unintentionally, on how ‘as slow as a snail’ i was when walking, and how unladylike my figure was, especially my legs. This taunted on me even more when my friends convinced me to wear just my one piece swimsuit that I usually wear with a T-shirt and a pair of pants, plus I never shaved my legs in my life, and I swore I could feel the horrified stares of the other fellow pool users. I wanted to drown myself in the pool and never show myself ever again, and food was - and still is - my only source of comfort.

But then I realised something.

Sure, my legs are fucking useless on land where I can’t even run without wheezing because every time I try to run, my feet stomps loudly to the ground and it causes my body to receive an unbearable amount of pressure, but I am strong in water. I can dive down immediately and touch the floor because my legs provide powerful kicks, and with the races my dad (who was also a swimmer) and I used to have, I always won. My thighs could probably crush skulls AND become soft pillows for anyone who likes to lie their head on my lap (and I really like it, I enjoy petting people to sleep). I also really like snails and cherish my walking time because there’s so much more to enjoy during walking instead of just running my ass off to a place that I’ve probably grown bored of. I don’t mind being jiggly, as long as I’m still soft and cuddly to others, because I really like cuddles and hugs! I also don’t like to show my skin so I don’t really have a problem when my legs aren’t ‘out there’. I just like being confined to my own comforts of my figure - I don’t have the need to show everyone how my body really looks like underneath the clothes. I also really love food and I shouldn’t feel guilty for eating what I want to eat because often more than being around other people, food makes me really happy.

I know I still have self esteem issues even until now, but this is the least I could do to help and see myself as a decent person, and probably help others too who sees this, because there’s more to you and how awesome your body is in their own way when you realise it.

Also, the next time someone asks me why my thighs are huge and strangely shaped, I’m going to answer, “because I was born a half-centaur.” I mean come on hey, centaur legs are pretty cool.

"I want to truly be your friend!"
Trust me, you’re already more than that.

T-THANKS FOR 1K FOLLOWERS GUYS omg this makes me so happy you have no idea i’M TRASH I DON’T DESERVE SO MUCH LOVE

a doodle of my culture’s traditional wedding outfit which is still worn by brides in several areas of the country (although nowadays it’s slowly turning into more of a traditional dance costume because it’s just so shiny and pretty) and gold does play an important part in our culture (even our jong sarat is lined with gold thread sdfkhjg) 

and you know flowers lots of flowers

Track I listened to : (Surprise it’s my traditional music ahah)

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I have your 'women own you nothing' hijabi as my background on my desktop and I love it. It's beautiful and thank you for putting your wonderful art up!!!!! p.s. totally wanted to send all my gushing on anon but since I can't I had to tone down my declarations of love.Xx

Ahaha thank you very much, wow I’m so honoured!! And that’s no problem at all hehe, always happy to know someone likes my art /)///v///(\ I hope you can enjoy more of my artworks in the future!! xoxoxo


Hey guys! ( ^  3  ^ )/)

Man I hate to be such a poot but today I got into some unexpected house rent trouble which had left me penniless and might drag on for the next few months, where I was just informed that I’ve paid to the WRONG person and I needed to pay my house rent to our NEWlandlord. Not only I am broke as heck, but our new house landlord is strict and demanded that I should still pay my house rent to her this month! 

Because of my scholarship, I am not allowed to work in the UK to gain extra money (it’s ridiculous, I know, something about “students need more studying time” ugh) and I am only given a small allowance each month that I could barely survive on (my house rent is like 4/5 of my allowance). I don’t rely on my family for financial support because they are also struggling on money, and until I get back to the UK, I can’t do anything to fix this problem and re-claim my rent money from the previous owner and I really, REALLY don’t want to lose my only affordable place to live at where I’m studying! orz why is it so hard to be a poor art student in a coincidentally rich-people-only city

So this is where I need your help - even if it’s just signal boosting, it’s fine! 

Here’s some basic info on the commishes:

  • They’re prices set for waist each
  • I can also do chibis (which can be full body for £8)
  • I’ll do anything except for gore or nsfw 
  • I’m more towards drawing/painting female characters so you’ll know what to expect
  • Please let me know if you want something else + other details 
  • I only accept GBP through Paypal
  • You can check out my art blog for more samples!!!
  • If you’d like to donate, you can do so through my Paypal (or my donate button on my blogs) - every little amount helps! ; v ; 

Thank you so much for checking this post out, and please help signal boost the heckie out of this! QuQ /cries at a corner now

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