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To make up for #inktober (that my friends have been trying to get me to do but i don’t really understand why) I’ve scanned up sketches that I’ve made for the past two months! :3c 

More sketchy sketchies!

Second illustration I made for Wessex Scene’s Lifestyle article, aka cakes! Cakes! CAKES!!!!

First few edits! Man I went a bit confused and dazed with my edits and now I’m just like sitting in front of my laptop going “lol yeah that works!!!!1” sob help

??? wow really rough photo-editing skills

but yeah uni work!! i had a really fruitful (pardon the pun) photo shooting session with my fellow asian friends and I’m pleased with how most of the pictures turned out! (So I guess the irritating leg cramps from doing the asian tourist photographing poses while taking these are so worth it….)

Will post up more soon! Please let me know what you think!

Hiatus Announcement! (And yet another one…)

Sorry for the inconvenience! I’m not completely on hiatus, but I’m currently pre-occupied with university work and will post up university works occasionally!

For those interested with commissioning me, unfortunately for now commissions will be on hold but after I revamp my commission post I’ll include limited slots for those who wants to! Please let me know in advance so I could include you in the list and I’ll contact you when I can!

Meanwhile if anyone is interested to purchase my art prints, you can get them here!

Thanks for your patience :D x

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Commission! APH New Zealand


Hello everyone!

Gosh I’m sorry I haven’t been active in a while! I’ve finally settled down and even got myself a seat in my studio where I can resume my commissions and other art shenanigans!


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Fari - Dreamfarer

Also please don’t hesitate to check out his stories! It’s worth a read ;) His characters are really cool!