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LOVE YOUR BLOG! do you share any drawing tips?

Thank you so much!!! <3 

Unfortunately no, as I haven’t received any requests on drawing tips, but if it turns into a demand I’ll make a post or two! :D

Black and white version of [  G A M E O V E R  ]

[  G A M E O V E R  ]

blehs out something out of a short nightmare at 3 in the morning

Your art is so beautiful! The coloring, the way you draw faces, everything! You have such talent.

Oh gosh, this makes me so happy! Thank you so much! <3

Can I use the hijabi power picture as my icon as long as I give credit?

Yes, of course! <3 Anyone else who would like to use my artworks for personal use shall be free to do so, as long as they credit me! Thank you for using my artwork! <3

On your "hijabi power" art work can you please give her a country? When you just leave it at "hijabi" you contribute to the idea that Muslim women=Middle Eastern women. The hijab you've drawn on is proof enough she is hijabi so?

Hello! I didn’t really think about where she would be from, since the main point of creating that picture is that any woman regardless of what she wears still deserves respect and the freedom to wear what she likes c:

I come from an Asian Muslim country, it’s common to call women who wear hijabs/niqabs/tudungs as hijabis (or a more Islamic term, Muslimah) so I don’t really see why I need to pinpoint a specific country c: If any woman out there wears a headscarf and modest clothing is proud of it, she can call herself a hijabi! 

(Also our understanding here, hijab is basically just another arabic-ish word for a headscarf, regardless of its fashion c: as also pointed by a la Google! Also hijabs are pretty rad and stylish as heck)

so i was experimenting on textures and Ava was my victim ^3^;/

sorry i haven’t done any avas demon fanart for so long ;_;

Go Away Its Not Happening from coolcat101s on 8tracks Radio.


Go Away Its Not Happening

For anyone who is done with creeps who don’t know when to quit. You don’t oh ‘em shit.

lovely cover image is from http://thecarefree-art.tumblr.com/

Super rad playlist! Thanks for the credit :D

girls are such mysterious beings

maybe one day they’ll rule the world (cats included)


~Nami’s Commission Post yay~

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been doing much artworks lately but because I’m running so low on money right now and I still need to survive for at least a few more months for uni, with that I need all the munmuns I can get ;v; So I decided to re-open slots and do commissions! And thank god I finally made a proper post jeebus


Information : 

  • Please do remember that contacting me and providing me as much detail and reference as to your order as possible is very important. I’m the one to follow instructions and at the same time, depending on how agreeable it would be.
  • You will also have to be on your best behaviour when asking me to commission for you.
  • I can do semi-realistic and realistic paintings, preferably digital, and I am more towards drawing feminine figures. (I can do males, no woes, but be sure to check out my works to see how my male paintings would look like to suit your preferences.)
  • I normally don’t draw nsfw works but please do contact me for any personal information of your commission, however I will charge you extra.
  • Any theme and character commission request is accepted, except for gore and homestuck.
  • As for payment, I accept PayPal. You must note that once agreeing on the commission you must pay me first. During any transactions I must be present and clear of any information/process. Also, I will only accept payment in GBP.
  • For contact details, you can contact me on my Tumblr, ask blog, Facebook, and through the same email for my PayPal. Please feel free to constantly update me throughout the process, as I will also be with you and I really appreciate any comments on the drafts that I will provide to you, to make your commission satisfactory.
  •  Along with your commission request, you must provide me your basic details, such as your name; contact details ; expected deadline ; commission information ; commission type ; number of characters ; extra details, references, etc.
  • As for the programs, I use Corel Painter II and Manga Studio.
  • As to how you will receive your commission once it’s done, I will post it on my page and link it to you. If you have any other requests of personal privacy or some sort, please contact me. 
  • For those who would like a background, there will be additional charge. Otherwise, your commission would remain with a blank background. Depending on what kind of background you will request, I might charge you on the amount of details you’re adding.

Please you guys, you don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you so much for taking your time in reading this, and if you’re passing this along, I’ll be forever grateful to you! ;3; <3 Please signal boost this and pass this around!!!

xxx Nami